Who We Are

Engaged Couple, Musicians, Parents, Entrepreneurs and so much more!

We had been in a relationship for two and a half years by the time we had become pregnant with our first daughter, Norah. We had previously discussed having children and it was something we were looking forward to, however not something we necessarily discussed how we would parent or the changes that would come with being a parent. 

From the moment we announced our pregnancy, we had advice, books, theories and so much more thrown at us. It was a lot to take in. Some bits and pieces made sense and others we wanted to steer clear of. 

The moment that kindful parenting was born was when Brodie had started thinking about the birthing experience that she was soon going to be having. Again, this topic opened a lot of opinions - but this was the one thing Brodie knew in her heart was something she needed to prepare for kindfully. 

Since that day, we have followed our own intuition with raising our daughter and we are now pregnant with our second beautiful girl. 

We have learnt some very hard truths along the way, especially when it comes to raising a child in this modern world and in the City. 

We wanted to design this to help other parents out there that are looking for guidance, support, resources and more. 

We hope that Kindful parenting is able to bring you more love, connection and kindfulness in your parenting journey. We're so grateful you're here!

With Love,

Brad & Brodie

Trust your intuition and the benefits will follow