Working through their leaps

Children are forever growing, learning and exploring, which can be a challenging task for us parents to keep up with. But when you add a #developmental leap to the mix - the heat can really turn up!

#Parenting babies, toddlers and young children can really take a toll when we are exhausted, working over-time, haven't had a moment to ourselves in what feels like forever and struggling to keep on top of the housework.

Something that's even harder, is trying to find #practical and useful ways to work through their [intense] leaps. The first year of my daughters life was definitely the hardest. I felt as if it were one leap stopped and the other started again - all while trying to just get used to the fact that I had a whole other human to think about.

The more you flow with your child, the easier life becomes - for everyone.

Some days, I'd find myself battling against her (naturally) as I was just beyond exhausted and overworked as a mother. It wasn't until a few good months in that I noticed how much my attitude and flow affected each leap she went through.

Naturally our children become more fussy, wake more often in the night, skip naps and have what seams to be really unreasonable wants and needs while going through a leap. It's easy to want to control it or fight against it. But the sooner I realised that if I just allowed it and put coping mechanisms in place, the easier it was for me and my child (and hubby-to-be).

I found myself somewhat looking forward to the next leap instead of dreading it.

I did lots of research on working through things #naturally and #calmly. We went through months of listening to classical music, using art to express our frustrations, staying up until 10pm at night, driving around in the middle of the day for our daughter to nap peacefully and so much more.

We found comfort in those long drives, we began to like those songs and we began to cherish the fact we had all day and night to spend with our girl. All we needed to do was change our perception and roll with it.

I know it can be easier said than done, especially when dealing with more than one child. But I find that if you take a step outside of how you're feeling and into the #individual child, you really begin to understand and empathise a lot more which allows you to connect deeper and find strategies that work for the whole family.

As time goes on, this lesson is #reaffirmed to me over and over again. The more you #flow with your child, the easier life becomes - for everyone.

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