Secrets to a happy home

Something I feel that we regularly forget about when it comes to parenthood, is the wellbeing of the #whole family.

We often talk about the child when it comes to parenting and family life

and it's easy to forget the other people that make up the family, including mummy, daddy, grandparents, aunties, uncles and so forth. Raising a child is something we have more control over than the other relationships that make up the family dynamic.

So how do we find ways to keep our home a happy home for all that are involved? Everyone's family looks a lot different. And working with your family to find and create peace can sometimes be really difficult and exhausting. Even now, almost two years into being parents we still struggle to keep our family and our home a happy home 99% of the time. Most people in our family are very opinionated and we put a lot of our energy into each member of our family.

Something to think about is whether or not the energy and time spent on certain opinions and situations out of your control is having an affect on your family and home life.

Over the past few months we have noticed that the members in our family that don't necessarily 'live' in our home, still affect the over all happiness of our home. So we have put boundaries in place to try and release things that may be weighing us down. A huge situation that was taking a toll on our small and growing family was our extended family businesses. If you work in your family business, own your own business or have someone close to you that is trying to start a business you'll know how difficult it can be to distance yourself emotionally from it.

We decided our home was a place of comfort and love and not a place of business.

After many months of heated conversations with family members and then bringing those conversations home between mummy and daddy - we noticed the affects it was having on all of our wellbeing. We decided that if it's not our business, its #not #our #business. We had to remove others business from our lives and close the door to business when we got home or were together as a family.

Another thing affecting our wellbeing was our health. Health and well'th really go hand in hand. Have you ever read articles about how children get really hyped on sugar? Well what about parents over loading on coffee or junk food? These things can really contribute to an unhappy home - in more ways that anything else.

We could go from a peaceful sleep to a really disturbed sleep when our toddler has eaten too many bad foods and has an upset stomach. We could also miss out on a lot of sleep because we are running off caffeine and by the time it's rest time - there's no closing these eyes!

The secrets to a happy home in our opinion are a range of things:

- Leaving other peoples #business outside

- Eating a well balanced and healthy diet (yes - you too daddy!)

- Getting plenty of rest and relaxation time for all

- Keeping your house clean, organised and clutter free

- Taking time to individually work on our own needs & passions

- Spending quality time together, away from technology

We hope this can give you an #idea of where to start if you're feeling like your home isn't as #happy as it could be.

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