Let's Talk About Body Positivity!

Updated: Sep 15

We've heard it time and time again... but it STILL continues to be such a huge issue. #BodyPositivity is regularly spoken about, but rarely taken action towards.

This post has come about because of some recent real-life situations that have occurred.

One involving our 1 year old at the park and another with a man making comments towards a woman body when she was pregnant.

Something we need to remember is that it's never ok to talk about any genders body openly without them asking for an opinion. Even when they ask, there are always certain things you shouldn't ever say.

lets talk about the first incident: Our 1 year old daughter had been playing freely in the mud by the bay and so she ended up very dirty, so I decided to take off her clothing and wash her in the water at the park. As we arrived, she was naked and I was just about to put her into the water when this little boy (maybe 4/5 years old) came up to us and started making strange remarks. He started snickering and asking why she was naked, but then also starting shouting at her saying she was disgusting for being naked. Though my child, quite clearly didn't understand what he was saying - her whole body language changed and she was standing in a way that showed she felt really uncomfortable. I tried to pick her up and she went really shy and didn't want to move. I tried to walk away and the boy continued to follow us.

The second incident was actually a man who had seen that I am pregnant and he was promoting his wife's photography business as she did maternity and newborn shoots. He asked how far along I was and when I was due. I responded that I was due in June and he said that he had heard that 3 other women are due in June also. He then told me that one lady said she was due in June but he laughed and said 'are you sure you're not due today' and then proceeded to giggle to himself while telling me this story. It was quite shocking to me that a man of his age (mid 50's) would think it was appropriate to not only outwardly comment to a pregnant lady about the size of her stomach and how she was carrying a precious gift, but then to tell another pregnant lady the story and laugh about it? It's safe to say I chucked that flyer away!

These two situations really touched me in a not so nice way. I felt like grabbing that little boys hand and asking him to take me to his parents to give them a good talking to! And I felt like shaming that man and taking a dig at his beer belly to publicly humiliate him. BUT I didn't.

Instead I decided to try and share this to help raise awareness to the language we are using towards all genders in regards to their bodies. No matter what stage they are at in life.

Something I believe we need to be more conscious of is:

- How we talk about our own bodies in front of our children

- If we have thoughts about other peoples bodies, are we sharing them aloud for our children to hear?

- When our children are naked, what kind of energy and words are we using at those times?

- When we change our Childs nappy, are we saying things such as 'ew' or 'gross' or are we using conscious sentences such as 'what a great job your body is doing!', 'Your body is so healthy and I'm so grateful for that' 'you body is doing incredible things and is so powerful'


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